Free Beginners Course (Jan 2019)

Following our hugely successful course in September, we are going to run another one Month FREE beginners course during January.

This will run at Tonbridge and West Wales clubs.

The course will build confidence, self-defence skills, and provide a gentle introduction for anybody looking to try a new sport. Students who wish to continue after the course can expect to be ready for their first grading (Yellow-belt) in March.  Five graduates of our September course went on to do exactly that.

The course will include all aspects of our style and is open both to complete beginners, and also to experienced martial-artists looking to try a new style for the first time.

Self Defence – Striking – Throwing – Falling – Locking – Weapons – Ground Fighting

Juniors learn the importance of discipline and respect for both others and themselves. In the sessions, they will learn how to respect the rules of the Dojo (training room) – such as no swearing. A major benefit of Jitsu is learning to be more confident and to improve posture thus avoiding potential bullying issues.  In training, Juniors learn how to defuse conflict and are advised to inform an adult or teacher about any incident.  It is also made clear that there is no shame in doing so.  Juniors are taught that violence is not an appropriate response to feeling threatened or bullied.


When / Where do you train?

Tonbridge West Wales
Day Tuesdays 19:30

Course starts Tue Jan 8th

(First session after Christmas)

Thursdays 18.45 for 19:00 start.
Location The Hayesbrook School
Brook Street,
Church Hall
9, Fountain Row,
Barn Street,
SA61 1SX
Details Details

I missed the first session – does it matter?

Absolutely not – just come along and join it, you will still be made very welcome.

How do I find out more?

Tonbridge West Wales
Jump over to our facebook page and say hello…
alternatively email us at …
..or give us a call Sensei Paul Lemar
07425 894791
Sensei Des Cooke
07500 007630

What do I need to wear?

All you need to get started is a T shirt and a pair of track suit bottoms or shorts. Prior to training you would need to remove (or tape) any jewellery.

If, after trying Ju-Jitsu, you decide you want to continue – the club can source you a Gi (the white pyjama suit) or you can buy your own directly.

What commitment do I need to make?

The only commitment we ask if that you come on the mat and try it… we want you have the opportunity to try Ju-Jitsu without expense or other pressures.  You will be asked to fill out a simple licence form for insurance purposes before your first session.

Do I need to attend every session?

No. We all have other commitments too… we invite you to attend any sessions that you can (at any club).  Obviously the more you train the faster you learn, but it’s up to you.

What does it cost?

First month free, after which for Tonbridge we ask you to contribute £40/month (paid via standing-order).  This covers sessions at both venues. We offer discounted rates for families, and are also happy to offer a concession rate if circumstances warrant – just speak to us confidentially.

We are a community club, and none of our instructors are paid – this fee goes to venue-hire, insurance and purchasing any equipment the club needs.

Note – fees in West Wales will different – Des will be able to share details.

What is the style like?

Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu is a style of Japanese Ju-Jitsu, with influences from wing-chun, aikido and wrestling.  The style is primarily a self-defence (rather than a sport), we use throws, locks and strikes in defence against attacks such as grabs, punches, kicks and weapons. We train in a very controlled environment, and work together first to learn techniques, and subsequently to apply them under a bit more pressure.  Students work at the level they are comfortable at.

In addition to the technical syllabus we focus on the appropriate application of techniques under pressure – the key concept being to disrupt the posture of the attacker to gain a momentary advantage. In a given situation different techniques will be more appropriate depending on the relative size & weight of attacker and defender.  We teach students to have an appreciation for the actions of the attacker and to continuously adapt their approach to respond, if something’s not going to plan – adapt.

Really – the only way to know is to come down and try it.

I already hold a belt in another style – can I keep it?

We try to use common-sense…

If you already have experience in another style then Sensei Lemar will try to work out with you how similar that style is to ours and what level of experience/knowledge of our syllabus you already have.

Am I too old / too young / too unfit / too …  ?

Our oldest student is 50-ish (he won’t tell us his real age) and our youngest student is 10.  Whatever your circumstances we will try to help you adapt the techniques to your own capabilities.  We start everybody at an intensity that they are comfortable with, and build up as confidence & fitness improvements.

This doesn’t just apply to old/young people – we ALL need to learn to adapt the techniques as best works for us. We all have people we find harder to use techniques on.

Will this make me invincible?

No. Size and strength really do make a difference, and there will always be somebody bigger/stronger/better than you.  It will however increase your options should the worst happen, and the improved confidence and ability to manage an environment should make that less likely.

Do you teach the Wuxi Finger Hold?

We do not speak of such things…

Is there mercy in this Dojo?

Yes… sorry.

Where and when do you train?

Training Times
Tuesdays 7:30 to 9pm – Adults & JuniorsVenue
The Hayesbrook School
Brook Street,

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Training Times:
Fridays from 7pm
– 14yrs and up…Venue
Church Hall
9, Fountain Row,
Barn Street,
SA61 1SX.