What is Ju Jitsu?

martial arts - ju jitsu

Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu (Pure School of Ju Jitsu) was founded in 2012 by Sensei Paul Lemar. Sensei Lemar started Ju Jitsu in 1988 and has sudied several other martial arts including Wing Chun, Boxing, Aikido, Tai Kwon Do and even Origami.

Formerly the Chair of The Jitsu Foundation (TJF) Technical Board, Sensei Lemar took the decision to break away from the organisation and created Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu. The aim is to provide Ju Jitsu and martial arts training on an open access basis, where everyone is welcome and encouraged to progress at their own pace. The style of Ju Jitsu taught is fluid and effective, with an emphasis on the use of the correct technique depending on the nature of the attack, the size of the attacker and the relative size of the defender.

All techniques are pressure tested, allowing the physical, psychological and emotional impact of confrontation to be explored.

Self DefenceStrikingThrowingFalling – Locking – WeaponsGround Fighting


The main syllabus can be downloaded from our Downloads Page