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Falling techniques in a martial art from Japan are known as Ukemi Waza.

Falling is taught and practiced at the beginning of every training session.  There are many reasons for learning ukemi, three of which are set out below:-

Safety – Learning to fall allows the jitsuka to train safely.  The complexity and difficulty of the falling required by the syllabus increases as one progresses through the grades.  The aim is provide instruction and practice in the falling required to undertake specific techniques prior to those particular techniques are taught.  In other words, we teach people to fall out of a technique before we teach them how to do the technique!

Control – Falling requires the jitsuka to control their body, it teaches balance, focus and develops a clear knowledge of the body.  In this way the falling adds to the Jitsuka’s general knowledge.


Confidence – Some of the advanced falling can look very intimidating and requires a degree of courage simply to attempt.  However, as with all practice in Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu the safety of the student is the first priority and thus the falling is broken down and taught in stages.  The benefit to one’s confidence of achieving correct falling cannot be overstated.  Not only does it enable the student to progress to advanced Ju Jitsu techniques but the meeting of a physical challenge and overcoming it builds confidence

Despite the sometimes terrifying look of the falling, it is all undertaken without any damage or pain to the jitsuka and once mastered it is really good fun, almost a form of very active moving meditation.  The ukemi simply flows with very little, if any, thought required.