Ground Fighting

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Ground fighting techniques in a martial art from Japan is known as Ne Waza.

Groundhold Mune GatameGroundhold Yoko Kote DoriNe Waza or Ground fighting is another key skill in Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu.

It is an unfortunate fact that many altercations end up with one or both parties on the ground.  As a result Junsui Ryu examines and teaches the principles of ground fighting in a number of varying contexts.

Firstly, we look at how one defends themselves on the floor from standing attackers.  We utilise exactly the same principles here as we do when defending ourselves on our feet: early positive contact, break the balance and core, move to a quick resloution.

Secondly we deal with submission ground fighting when dealing with an aggressor who has gone to ground with you.  Submission ground fighting is great fun and allows competitive sparring to be undertaken in a safe environment.  Many of the techniques used originally came from Samurai art of Ju Jitsu, were refined by Jigoro Kano through his development of Judo and have been further refined by the renowned Gracie family who introduced the art of Brazillian Ju Jitsu.  Junsui Ryu ju Jitsu takes the best of all of the available techniques and applies them with our usual no nonsense, practical approach.

Groundhold Tate Shiho KatameGroundhold Yoko Shiho GatameThe third interpretation of ground fighting comes when the Jitsuka has got his opponent on the ground and seeks to subdue rather than finish off.  The application of locking and pinning techniques provides a less destructive option for the Jitsuka.

Finally, we address the what we describe as pure Ju Jitsu ground fighting which involves a range of very effective and destructive techniques with the aim of regaining our feet as soon as possible.  This section is not pretty but it is very effective; after all, who wants to stay on the floor where you are more vulnerable?

Essentially, Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu provides a range of responses to aggression when having to deal with any floor based position.  Like the rest of the syllabus it ranges from simples escapes and pins to the total destruction of the opponent.  Thus the appropriate level of response can be identified and utilised dependant of the circumstances.