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Locking techniques in a martial art from Japan are known as Kansetsu Waza.

Kansetsu Waza or locking is another central part of Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu.  Locks can be applied from standing, seated or prone and are used to subdue an opponent or to break/damage a limb or joint.  Locking systems are also used to affect balance and movement and are thus utilised as a part of wider techniques

Locks can be applied to any joints but are primarily employed against wrist, arms, head and legs.  Other joints such as finger and thumb locks are also particularly effective but require a greater level of fine motor movement and can thus be difficult to achieve in a live situation.

The locking systems are particularly useful when dealing with armed attackers, especially against knives.


The application of locks should only occur once an opponent’s balance has been interupted and their central core (musculature) has been nuetralised in order to ensure that the lock can be applied efficiently.  Seeking to apply a lock without achieving this makes the Jitsuka vunerable to counters and significantly reduces the effectiveness of any lock.