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Throwing techniques in a martial art from Japan is known as Nage Waza.

Nage waza or throwing is a core skill within Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu.

Throwing in Ju Jitsu is based on understanding and taking or re-directing the balance and power of an opponent’s attack.  We do not seek to meet strength with strength but rather, employing the principle of Ju, we blend with an attack, redirect it and get under the point of balance  in order to throw an opponent. In this way, a much smaller person can effectively throw a much larger opponent.

In self-defence terms, the majority of altercations end up in grappling range.  The syllabus of Junsui Ryu Ju Jitsu provides a range of throwing techniques which in turn provides a range of options to employ should one find oneself in a grappling position.  Once again we are seeking whole body sensitivity to allow us to use the right technique in a given circumstance, the aim being to simply feel an opportunity and take it rather than entering in with a specific technique in mind.

Before being taught a specific throw, students are first taught how to land out of it and thus safety is preserved.  It might look painful and scary but actually it is really good fun to be thrown!  Honest!